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China Best Padlock

Posted on 03 August 2009 by admin

China well known for lousy product quality. My colleague bought a China mobile phone, it last only for 4 months. No wander the shop only warranty for 3 months. This may only apply for electronics device.

I do believe China have good product quality too. Depends on its product type. For example this Tri-Circle padlock (made in China) has been use for more than 10 years. It is solid, still gold color and working well. No jam at all when open or close the lock.

Tri Circle Padlock
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To shoot the lock, I use the natural light from backyard. As you see, the padlock in focus is not exactly on center. How to do this with Auto settings?

Simple. At first, focus at the padlock then move your lens to the place you want to use as background. Object is still in focus, but with more manipulation you can do. In my case, I use the wall behind as background to make bigger contrast to emphasize the target object.

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